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Our mission is to grow local by creating pockets of urban farms in urban centres in order to produce food readily available to the community and ultimately help address the issue of Food security. 

Varshasookt farming methods are all-natural and organic, has zero carbon footprint, and energy and water conservation through the Recycle-Reduce-Reuse of natural resources.


Varshasookt'S vision is to have urban farms in every community access to the people during peaceful times as well as during emergencies such as post-disaster events.


  • Save money on grocery bills and enjoy chemical-free naturally grown food

  • Increase availability and convenience (no need to travel to the market)

  • Better tasting food - absolutely fresh and alive

  • You know where it came from unlike food sourced from market or grocery

  • You know the food's history - from seeds to your plate

  • No pesticides - No chemical fertilizers 

  • Therapeutic and relaxing for buyers - they get to pick and harvest

  • Eco-friendly - Save water and energy

  • Sustainable lifestyle - Recycle-Reduce-Reuse

  • Climate Change Adaptation

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