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Urban agriculture is part of the urban ecological system and can play an important role in the urban environmental management system. Firstly, a growing city will produce more and more wastewater and organic wastes. ... Urban agriculture can help to solve such problems by turning urban wastes into a productive resource.

What is Urban Farming?

Urban farming or gardening is mishmashes of techniques and approaches to growing and raising food in densely populated urban centres. With the very nature of cities, there is not a one-size-fits-all approach, but rather a plethora of solutions and practices that are undertaken by individuals, communities, cooperatives, and businesses alike. A restaurant may grow their own herbs in an indoor garden, a neighbourhood may take over a vacant lot for a raised bed garden, a cooperative may keep bees for honey on the roof, or a family may plan a container garden for the patio. All are examples of urban gardening. Instead of the long-standing practice of trucking in the food to cities, city dwellers are taking matters into their own hands to produce local and sustainable food.

Other Services

Why Varshasookt?

Varshasookt has experience in natural and organic farming methods such as aquaponics, vermicompost barrel container gardening, and designed our own Drip Irrigation Vertical (DIV) Urban Farming equipment.


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